October Update

Hello All!
Thank you to everyone who came to the last meeting!
Next Meeting:
Our next meeting will be on October 29 from 1:30-3:30 (a bit longer than usual). It will be at Clearwater Main Library in the same conference room we were in last time. 
We will try to apply to be a vendor at Pierce Street Market on November 26, so I will let you know when/if we get approved. We will need to pay for our booth if we get accepted. If we are accepted, I will ask each member to pay $5 to cover our costs. I also need to know who is available and willing to volunteer on that day. Volunteering will count towards house cup. 
House Cup:
Hufflepuff: 30
Slytherin: 30
Ravenclaw: 37
Gryffindor: 22
Ravenclaw has just overtaken Hufflepuff for the lead and Slytherin has just tied with Hufflepuff!
For each meeting you attend you earn five points!
Don’t forget! For each person who comes to a meeting because you told them about us, your house will receive an extra two points. 
Bring materials for our creations next time! Any sort of craft material you are willing to bring is welcome! I may send out requests for certain items soon so look out for that. 
Next Time:
We will be talking about fundraising and making items to sell. So far I’ve been thinking about bookmarks and continuing our poetry type project from last time. If you have any ideas contact me!
Please bring materials and ideas for next time if you can 🙂
-Mischief Managed-

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